Thanks to Atlassian for their support of the uniCenta oPOS project

Atlassian supports uniCenta oPOS project by providing their OnDemand Cloud hosted products Atlassian supports the uniCenta oPOS open source project by providing their OnDemand Cloud hosted products. Plugged in to our JIRA. We have JIRA Agile to manage and pace our development along with Confluence as our wiki, Bitbucket for our code repository and JIRA Capture to grab screenshots, which comes in real handy when you need it. Excellent stuff from Atlassian and something we absolutely could not be without in the toolbox.

Thanks to our partner AV2Hire who helps support the uniCenta oPOS project

av2hire_logo_150AV2 Hire and uniCenta have worked closely together for over seven years and we collaborate on specialist projects that use visual media to enhance the customer experience – such as touchscreen interactive displays in the retail sector. Unique amongst companies, not just AV, AV2 Hire deliver equipment to their many customers in London by specially made freight bikes (built by the man behind Chris Boardman’s ride to gold medal in 1992 Barcelona Olympics).

Thanks to Bitrock who helps support the uniCenta oPOS project

Bitrock sponsors uniCenta uniCenta oPOS has used Bitrock’s excellent InstallBuilder tool since day one. It helps us create smaller, faster uniCenta oPOS installers which can support virtually every server and desktop operating system currently in production. We’re now able to build lightweight cross-platform installers instantly from the same code base without having to resort to specific platform requirements as InstallBuilder takes care of all of that for us without fuss.

Thanks to Le Mouy Vieux for supporting the uniCenta oPOS project

Le Mouy VieuxLe Mouy Vieux is a special, peaceful and tranquil retreat in the Auvergne, in the heart of France. It’s a good way away from the hustle and bustle in London. You might think it odd it’s included here yet it deserves its place because of the inspiration for many lines of code in uniCenta oPOS, for its serenity and the glorious sustenance that fuels the very existence of uniCenta oPOS. Imagine, each time you use uniCenta oPOS you touch this special place.