The uniCenta oPOS Developer Section is aimed at developers and advanced users with Java development skills who want to “tweak” uniCenta oPOS.

Set up the uniCenta oPOS Netbeans project.

First of all you will need to download and unzip the uniCenta oPOS Source Code Download into a folder on your machine.

The Swing components in uniCenta oPOS are particular to Netbeans and use the .form extension which only Netbeans is able to read. If you peek under the hood you will see they are in XML format.

Having downloaded the uniCenta oPOS Source Code and set up Netbeans you are now ready to create a new Netbeans project.

Please note: We do not provide support for how to use or troubleshoot Netbeans, Bitrock or other tools mentioned here. It is expected as a developer that you will have the necessary skills to install and use.



Java SDK 1.8

The Java SE Development Kit 8 is the base requirement to begin development of uniCenta oPOS

Netbeans IDE

Essential software development platform

Bitrock Installer

Cross platform application installer


uniCenta oPOS version 4.3 or later - using maven and uniCenta's own Repositories


uniCenta oPOS version 4.1 to 4.2.2 - complete project package including all libraries


Scene Builder - if you want to get into JavaFX as used in our Remote Order Display


Our preferred MySQL tool - if you haven't used it yet; you should give it a try


Useful reference list of uniCenta oPOS Schema Database Tables with Descriptions


A collection of developer focussed Guides and accompanying x-Reference documents


How to easily create new or edit existing Locale files used by uniCenta oPOS


Complete language translations locales for User Interface and Reports properties files