uniCenta oPOS Web Reporting is our open source add-in Exclusive to our uniCenta version 4 customers
Requires a web host and uses the massively popular WordPress platform.
Host in the Cloud, on-premise or on a single computer.

See uniCenta Web Reports in action

You need these or your preferred equivalents in place first

uniCenta suggests MAMP for use with uniCenta oPOS


Apache, PHP and MySQL Servers are required for uniCenta oPOS Web Reporting.

If you just want to have it running on one machine or on your internal network then you should consider MAMP. It is a free, fast and convenient one-stop installer with a simple lightweight interface. It allows easy control of locally hosted Apache and MySQL servers.

Get MAMP for your uniCenta oPOS installation

uniCenta oPOS uses WordPress for its Web Reporting


WordPress is required for uniCenta oPOS Web Reporting.

It is a free, open source and leading publishing platform which powers more websites worldwide than any other.

A huge range of WordPress plugins allow customization to suit most requirements.

For a Local installation you could install MAMP first then install WordPress.

For a Cloud installation : your web hosting provider may include a convenient WordPress installer as part of your web hosting plan.

wpDataTables used in uniCenta Web Reports


wpDataTables is required for uniCenta oPOS Web Reporting.

A best-selling WordPress plugin which makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy.

Available as a free WordPress plugin – which has limitations and doesn’t connect to MySQL databases.
And a paid supported version – which does connect to MySQL databases – and needed for uniCenta Web Reports. It is currently priced $35USD and you have to pay the wpDataTables publishers directly – not us.

If you purchase wpDataTables from CodeCanyon following the link ; we don’t mind telling you we receive an introductory commission and which we reinvest back into the uniCenta oPOS project. If you don’t… we don’t.

MAMP provides a quick and easy way to install a local or network MySQL database server for uniCenta oPOS v4 even if you don’t need web reporting.

If you intend to host your MySQL database on a web host you need to make sure it’s accessible and configured correctly.

  • main_sales
  • sales_category
  • sales_customers
  • sales_products
  • sales_receipts
  • sales_users


  • Sales Summaries
    • Category Top 10
    • Customer Top 10
    • Product Top 10
    • User Top 10
  • Category Sales
  • Customer Sales
  • Products Sales
  • Receipts
  • User Sales
  • main_customers


  • Summary Statistics
  • Customer List
  • Debtors



  • main_stock
  • stock_caregories
  • stock_movements
  • stock_outofstock
  • stock_overstocked
  • stock_products
  • stock_understocked


  • Summary Statistics
  • Categories
  • Movements
  • Out Of Stock
  • Over Stocked
  • Products
  • Under Stocked
  • main_suppliers
  • suppliers_creditors
  • suppliers_diary
  • suppliers_reorder


  • Summary Statistics
  • Creditors
  • Supplier Diary
  • main_users


  • Summary Statistics
  • more to come…