Up until 23 June 2018 we created a fresh Release Note PDF document for every new uniCenta oPOS release.
uniCenta oPOS Release Notes list what has been changed, enhanced and fixed for a release version, but all the previous uniCenta oPOS Release Notes changes was buried away in individual documents, so not that easy for you to know what had happened before.

Had to change, didn’t it?
Well it has and from now on Release Notes will be published and maintained online and the PDF downloadable is dropped.

To kick things off, all updates from uniCenta oPOS version 4.5 and later are included so you can search, filter & sort to your hearts content.
Previous uniCenta oPOS Release Notes are still available and can be downloaded here

From 5th August 2018 all of a version’s KEY CHANGES will not be published as a PDF document but are available via our CHANGELOG page

Last Updated: 21 December 2020